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IPSS Members' Manual

The Members' Manual pulls together a thorough and up-to-date set of policies, procedures, codes and descriptions of governance. Included in this list of IPSS Policies and Procedures are a number of key UKCP and CPJA policies. To be familiar with these policies is essential to a member’s professional understanding and practice and for retaining IPSS, CPJA and UKCP memberships.

Please contact info@ipss-psychotherapy.co.uk for forms in Word format.

Introduction to the Members' Manual

Equalities and Diversity

IPSS Equalities and Diversity Policy (Nov 2019) including UKCP’s Diversity and Equalities Statement

Ethics and Ethical Practice

IPSS Code of Ethical Practice in Psychotherapy and Professional Conduct (October 2019 – redraft)

Appendix 1 IPSS Code of Ethical Practice in Psychotherapy and Professional Conduct (Oct. 2019)

Appendix 2 IPSS Code of Ethical Practice in Psychotherapy and Professional Conduct (Oct 2019)

UKCP Code of Ethics and Professional Practice

UKCP Organisational Members Ethics Agreement and IPSS Declaration

UKCP Accreditation via IPSS

IPSS Criteria and Guidelines for Accreditation as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist with IPSS (April 2016)

Addendum 1 (December 2018, Update of 2016 Guidelines)

IPSS Code of Practice and Procedures for the Accreditation Programme (revised and agreed February 2019)

Application form for Accreditation as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist with IPSS

Annual CPD Appraisal documents and IPSS Participation

Policy Statement for IPSS Continuing Professional Development (Revised February 2019)

IPSS Renewal and CPD Form

IPSS Forum Terms of Reference – Members’ CPD participation and engagement with IPSS

5-Yearly IPSS Reaccreditations for UKCP Psychotherapists

IPSS Reaccreditation Policy (2020)

IPSS Reaccreditation Initiating Letter to members (2017)

Reaccreditation Form 2020

Data Protection

IPSS Data Protection Policy (April 2019)

IPSS Letter to Members Concerning Implementation of Data Protection Policy (April 2019)

Psychotherapy with Children & Young People under Age 18

IPSS Policy on members who also provide Psychotherapy with Children and Young People under 18 years old (May 2019)

Career Breaks and Sabbatical Policy

Policy on Career Breaks And Sabbaticals 12/7/2017 (Amended 2019)

Appendix 2. UKCP Policy Restoration-to-the-Register (2021)

Complaints against a therapist by a client

IPSS Policy Statement on Complaints Against A Therapist

The UKCP Complaints and Conduct Process. Guidance for Psychotherapists

IPSS Grievance Guidelines

IPSS Grievance Guidelines (Nov 2019)

IPSS Governance

IPSS Constitution (revised 2018)

IPSS Articles of Association (2008)

Committees Terms of Reference (2018-19)

Council: See Section 5 of the IPSS Constitution

Terms of Reference Ethics Committee

Terms of Reference Members' Committee

Terms of Reference Accreditation Committee

Terms of Reference Forum Committee

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