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IPSS - Institute of Psychotherapy & Social Studies UKCP Accreditation, IPSS Membership, CPD Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy within Contemporary Cultures, Languages and Social Identities

Guidelines on Previous Training

1. A postgraduate course/training with a completed academic element (including essays/assignments)
The course should include at least 250 hours of formal teaching time (or 500 hours, if tutorials, supervisions, groupwork, and any infant observations are also counted).

• Over three or four years (any ‘introductory’ year is not counted);

• Main psychoanalytic theories and methods have formed the major part of the teaching;

2. Infant development - Training in infant development and/or baby observation.

3. Knowledge of and experience of working with serious mental disorders. This could include a psychiatric placement.

4. Clinical seminars - Demonstrating the use of supervision to inform clinical practice.

5. Assessments and Formulation - Proven ability to undertake psychoanalytic psychotherapy assessments and create a psychoanalytic formulation of the patients presenting issues based on, but not limited to, understanding of unconscious processes.

6. Candidates should demonstrate a basic understanding of research techniques and their application to the investigation and evaluation of psychotherapeutic interventions from assessment to treatment end. Candidates should demonstrate the ability to accurately understand and interpret the findings of research in journals and other sources, alongside demonstrating a capacity to critique these.

Whilst a verifiable Master’s degree is not a requirement of accreditation, all submitted work will be assessed at Masters level using the assessment framework provided here: IPSS Master's Level Assessment Criteria and must meet the CPJA Standards of Education and Training thresh-hold requirements in full.

If the completed postgraduate training was in psychodynamic counselling, integrative psychotherapy, music or art therapy, or other allied discipline, then the applicant will need (by way of equivalence) to demonstrate sufficient post qualification Masters level CPD study across the theoretical field of individual adult psychoanalytic psychotherapy before being considered for Stage 3 accreditation.

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