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Criteria and Guidelines for Accreditation as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist with IPSS

Applicants for accreditation in individual work may already be fully registered with UKCP under another College, or be a student member of UKCP. They may also be a member of BACP, or hold an ECP (European Certificate of Psychotherapy).

Applicants will be seeking accreditation through a combination of relevant previous training and clinical experience.

A. For applicants without a completed or a full formal training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, professional equivalence may be achieved based on the CPJA - Standards of Education and Training.

B. Applicants who have a qualification in psychodynamic counselling for example, may be accredited if they can demonstrate sufficient additional relevant CPD study and appropriate psychoanalytic supervision.

C. Whilst IPSS no longer offers formal training, applicants with sufficient theoretical study behind them may be accredited on condition they have achieved the following minimum clinical criteria (though also see below):

- Two years at twice a week in psychoanalytic psychotherapy with a recognised practitioner (5 years UKCP/BPC registered, or equivalent).

- Have themselves offered psychoanalytic psychotherapy twice a week to at least one client/patient for no less than a continuous 12 month period (under appropriate weekly psychoanalytic supervision). This will be considered the applicants ‘training case’.

-Significant additional once a week clinical experience under psychoanalytic supervision.

It is imagined that whilst some applicants may be able to demonstrate having met the above criteria at the point of applying, others may not. For the latter, you are welcome to apply on the basis that further personal therapy and/or supervised practice will be undertaken with an IPSS approved psychoanalytical psychotherapist/supervisor before accreditation is appropriate.

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