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UKCP Introduction

Thank you for contacting the IPSS regarding accreditation as an Adult Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. We do not accredit child psychotherapists.

The IPSS is a dynamic and forward-thinking organisation whose membership are actively engaged in psychoanalytic and psychosocial thinking and practice buoyed by CPD forums and other events. We are always pleased to hear from candidates who may like to join us, and actively support experienced psychotherapists moving forward with the accreditation process where appropriate.

Here at the IPSS we have an inclusion and liaison lead. Dharma Paul is a senior IPSS member, who coordinates council and committee members’ inclusion of clients, members and co-workers from manifest, vulnerable minorities. His role complements and strengthens IPSS members’ commitment to our Equalities and Diversity Policy. This policy contains UKCP’s Diversity and Equalities Statement to which our psychoanalytic and psychodynamic college adheres. You can contact Dharma in the first instance via our administrator at the following email address: [email protected]

Applications from all viable candidates, including international candidates, are welcomed and encouraged - but the same published accreditation criteria apply to all. We strongly suggest that you carefully review our published accreditation criteria. This criteria is directly based on CPJA requirements. As such, the IPSS has limited flexibility regarding the interpretation of this criteria. Please note – We cannot predict the outcome of the application assessment beforehand, and submission of an application does not guarantee moving forward to later stages of the application process. International qualifications should offer broad parity with their UK equivalents. All candidates are responsible for deciding, in their own view, whether their international qualifications and experience meet these criteria.

The best applications are clear and concise, containing all salient assessment information whilst avoiding unnecessary material and superfluous detail. Evidence is required throughout the application process and may be verified as discretion demands. If you are completing the application electronically (we encourage you to do so) you should expand the allocated boxes to accommodate all the text you wish to include. Your application should be guided by all sections of our accreditation criteria in response to the specific questions presented in our application form. If you have not received feedback regarding your application within 28 days, please contact the IPSS administrator for an update.

Using our published accreditation criteria which is drawn from the CPJA Standards of Education and Training please aim to establish a clear sense of where you meet the criteria in full, and where, if needed, further work may be required. The information provided is comprehensive and complete.

Please do not send certificates or other materials for inspection prior to your application. The application itself is where we examine all submitted evidence. Please ensure ALL your application documents are sent to us in a single zip file and that all documents can be opened using standard windows 10 compatible apps such as MSWord and PDF viewers. Applications received as multiple files, photographs or unopenable documents will not be assessed until presented as described here. The best applications are clear, concise, and supported by verifiable evidence of experience and achievement. We look forward to receiving yours in due course.

If, having checked carefully, specific questions remain particular to your qualifications and experience that are not addressed in our published accreditation criteria, please request a call from our accreditation chair (or one of his colleagues) via our administrator,

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